We help you achieve your sustainability objectives

Water is scarce. The world needs a strategic water supply. That is why the wise use of water is crucial in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations wants to achieve by 2030.

As a result, more and more companies are taking the initiative to undertake sustainable business, including for their water management.
But at the same time, their business has to keep running. This creates the economic need to use alternative water sources. And that is why there is WaaS.

WaaS gives you a total solution

  • Continuous water supply: we ensure that you always have the required water volume
  • Efficient water management: we help you save, reuse and recycle water
  • Sustainable approach: we appeal to alternative water sources and guarantee top service

If you sign up for WaaS, you choose continuity. We help your company achieve its sustainability objectives.

You work with a strong partner for your water management

WaaS is a service from Ekopak. Our company specialises in water saving and recycling at companies.

We switch as much as possible to alternative water sources, for example wastewater treatment at the company site or use of water from a nearby river.

Ekopak has been experiencing strong growth and internationalisation for years. The results attracted the attention of Alychlo, the investment company of businessman Marc Coucke. Through Alychlo he owns 49% in Ekopak, which creates an extra stable base for the clout and strength of our company.

Finally a total solution for your water management?